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ICT Trainings

"Your Inspiring
Training Partner”

Intelli-sys Training Center specializes in Management and Technical Skills Training and Human Capital Development. We collaborate with other organizations as a smart partnership to provide hands-on solutions to help solve day-to-day software and technical challenges by developing their human capital, building their brands, advertising their image, and marketing their products.

Our Basic Stage Certifications include:
Afiliate Marketing, Digital Marketing, AI Marketing, Digital Entrprenurship Business in Digital World, SEQ Marketing.

Our Advanced Stage Certifications include:
Graphics Design, Digital Literacy, ICDL, Computer Basics, Animation.

Critical Skills & Programing Skills
Front End Developer, Mobile App Developer, Cloud App Developer, Wordpress CMS Developer, Python Developer, Website Development, Programing

Intell-sys Sub Business Units
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Intelli-sys is an African company whose primary objective is to deliver world-class ICT development services and overall economic development in Africa..